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The Second Life of Judo is not written for the Monk, Samurai, or Judoka, but for anyone who wants to fill their flesh with stillness and peace. It’s for you!

A powerful yet humble essence lives within the pages of this book. Discover the same spirit that lives inside you.

The Second Life Of Judo was written mostly outdoors, where I was immersed in nature. There I noticed an intimate connection between myself and everything around me.

In the celebration of life, words seemed to appear.

The content of this book expresses the core teachings of an ancient art. The deepest teachings of Judo are designed to spill out from the Dojo into the hearts and minds of the community; the deepest practices of the art are designed to spread globally. These teachings are gifts to be shared. The Second Life of Judo is what I can offer to my fellow brothers and sisters.

A must read for all judoka and for those wanting to understand the essence of judo

Al Rafkind scored an ippon with this book! Jigoro Kano, founder of judo explained small judo focuses on competition and big judo focuses on every aspect of life. The Second Life of Judo is all about Kano’s concept of “Big Judo” and will be appreciated by those involved in our sport and by everyone who just wants a glimpse as to why we keep coming back for more.

Gary S. Goltz, MBA
President of the U..S. Judo Association, writer for Black Belt Magazine, and healthcare industry executive